Who we are and what we do?

We are an independent and not-for-profit think-tank based in Mexico working on combating all forms of violence and discrimination, advancing social justice and strengthening the respect for human rights, equity and diversity. We do so by creating knowledge and developing of research-led and evidence- based innovative projects that use digital technologies to empower individuals and communities to fully exercise their citizenship, improve their decision making and become agents of change. The main tools we have chosen to achieve our mission are research, advocacy and education.


Academic and public policy research projects to advance the protection and promotion of human rights. Also academic and outreach publications that advance knowledge on human rights and its discussion in the public domain.


Advocacy projects including consultancy and technical assistance to institutions and non-governmental organisations to ensure that their processes and products respect human rights in a comprehensive way.


Educational and training programmes on human rights, social justice, diversity and equity. Our professional development diplomas and skills-development courses follow an inductive approach and are based on the case method.

Innovative solutions

Innovation and creativity are at the core of our organisation. We differentiate from other think- tanks and research centres because incorporate digitalization into our core research and analytic process as well as the projects and products we develop. We believe we can make human rights more accessible using technology and by creating digital tools that enable individuals and communities to claim and protect their rights. Our aim is not only to develop research and outcomes that informs public-policy but doing so by building into practitioners’ and grass-roots movements expertise and through the incorporation of new technologies into the research, practice advocacy of human rights

Driving force

We want to build a more just and fair society in which all individuals can fully enjoy their basic human rights and participate as active and critical citizens. We believe an effective way to do so is by putting technology in service of individuals and communities so they can claim their own rights and help to protect the rights of others. Through capacity building, research, advocacy projects and educational programmes our aim is to help individuals and communities to be active agents of change. There is an alarming pressure in Mexico and Latin America to prevent the promotion of human rights. Unless individuals know their rights and how to claim them, human rights violations and abuses will not stop and those responsible will not be held accountable.

Our approach

Our approach to human rights research, advocacy, and education is interdisciplinary, intersectional, critical and reflective. Thus, our research, advocacy projects and educational programmes take into account different forms of oppression and discrimination. This approach enables us to fully understand pressing social issues such as gender equality, poverty, discrimination, xenophobia, migration, etc. Our activities, projects and products are framed within four priority areas: 1) against violence & for tolerance, 2) against discrimination & for diversity, 3) against exclusion & for equality, and 4) against abuses & for human rights.

Our values

Work with the outmost rigour, integrity and professionalism. Develop innovate and creative projects that promote human rights and advance social justice. Promote equality and diversity by securing quotas of women and minorities in our Fellowship programme. Empower women researchers and practitioners by encouraging them to take leadership roles within the organisations and projects. Advance the professional and personal development of our team by providing them with the necessary support and resources. Work with full transparency and accountability within the organisation and with our partners and donors.