Centre for Human Rights Studies

We are an independent and not-for-profit think-tank based in Mexico working on combating all forms of violence and discrimination, advancing social justice and strengthening the respect for human rights, equity and diversity. We do so by creating knowledge and developing of research-led and evidence- based innovative projects that use digital technologies to empower individuals and communities to fully exercise their citizenship, improve their decision making and become agents of change. The main tools we have chosen to achieve our mission are research, advocacy and education.


Academic and public policy research projects to advance the protection and promotion of human rights. Also academic and outreach publications that advance knowledge on human rights and its discussion in the public domain.


Advocacy projects including consultancy and technical assistance to institutions and non-governmental organisations to ensure that their processes and products respect human rights in a comprehensive way.


Educational and training programmes on human rights, social justice, diversity and equity. Our professional development diplomas and skills-development courses follow an inductive approach and are based on the case method.

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